The road taken from concept to finished product can be long and arduous and it requires a considerable amount of strategy along the way to reach the right destination. As a leading manufacturing consultancy in London we work on projects of all sizes and are able to help entrepreneurs and start-ups in need of direction and guidance. Not only are we vastly experienced in the world of design and manufacturing, but we are able to provide B2B consultancy services that add value to your project.


Through LUMA-iD’s own journey we have learned many valuable lessons during the process of selling over 80,000 different products around the world. Our start-up experience enables us to partner with a wide variety of businesses on a number of different levels, giving focus to the product and its success. From maintaining timelines and budgetary constraints, to developing ideas and creating bespoke strategies, our B2B consultancy services help to shape the path your product will take from beginning to end.


Part of our remit as a manufacturing consultancy in London is to help you protect the intellectual rights of your concepts. Our vast experience in this area provides a platform for us to provide cost-effective support tailored to your specific requirements. This includes everything from registered designs in the UK, to those being pitched on an international stage, or simply setting up trademarks. We work with a global network of patent attorneys to ensure you always receive the best advice possible at all times.


Public funding is available for some new product inventions, and there are other funding avenues that can offer value to your project. This plays a key role in some of the services we provide as a manufacturing consultancy in London, helping you locate subsidised advice or support where needed. We can also help connect you with crowdfunding or potential investors thanks to the extensive system of contacts we have resourced and developed over the years.


LUMA-iD provide in-depth B2B consultancy services to help breathe life into your product with insightful and strategized guidance. This begins by getting to know more about you and the aims of your product. We are committed to the entire lifecycle of your product, bridging together our commercial expertise with manufacturing nous to create a plan tailored to your needs and expectations.



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