by LUMA-iD

To coincide with the physical release of Björk’s new album Vulnicura, the Freefly VR was used to display her new 360 degree music video.

As you put the headset on, you find yourself on an Icelandic beach, where in the near-distance you can see the lighthouse where Björk and Arca wrote the song. The whole production for the song was remixed specifically for virtual reality, so as you move the strings and vocals all move with you within this 3D environment. In front of you is Björk who sings directly to you and slowly moves around you. You can choose to follow her or look around the windy beach; she doesn’t mind. As the song builds she splits into multiple Björks and while you know this is an artistic metaphor you still laugh when she appears to your left while you weren’t looking.

Björk has understood the potential of virtual reality, using it as a tool for further expression rather than just a gimmick. Seeing the song performed live would still not be the same experience as sitting alone on a beach with her (and definitely not the same as sitting with many Björks.)

The experience was displayed at the MoMA in New York, and Rough Trade in New York and London. We were asked to supply all the units for these and gave a helping hand at the London event, which was great to be a part of. The response was incredible – everyone who experienced it was blown away by the effect Björk was able to produce.

We could not have been a part of this without the invaluable support of Rewind, who created the bespoke application for iOS devices, which blends high fidelity 360 footage with revolutionary binaural technology created by Two Big Ears.

Find more about the Freefly VR at – only just released and we’re in the MoMA, Rough Trade and working with Björk! Pop in to Rough Trade before the 27th, or the MoMA before the end of April to see the Freefly and Björk’s amazing Stonemilker video.