The Flexible Plastic Waste Collector​

Why / The Problem

  • Most households are not collecting and recycling flexible packaging waste
  • In 2027 all households be required to collect flexible plastic waste due to government policy changes
  • This will apply to all 28.2 million households
  • In 2020, the UK produced 309,000 tonnes of flexible plastic packaging with only 8% being collected

We have produced a low cost, easy to use product that makes collecting flexible waste in the home easy


The Solution

The™ is a simple, low cost solution to collecting flexible plastics in the home. It’s designed to compact the waste to hold 2 weeks worth of average household waste.

The Product

The™ can compress 20 litres of flexible plastic waste within its 5 litre capacity. Measuring 20cm diameter by 33cm tall. 

How can I buy one?

The™ is currently seeking investment to get it to market. Please contact us if you would be interested in backing this project?
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