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In order to maximise the possibility of success for your product you need to communicate it to your target audience in way that resonates. Not only should it be easy to understand but it should also connect in a way that meets their needs and says something about the user. First impressions go a long way in a competitive market, which means your brand design will play a decisive factor once the product is made available to the public.

At LUMA-iD our graphic design and branding service acts a natural extension to the development and manufacturing of your product. As we have already gone on a journey together that means we understand the inner workings of your product and what you want to achieve, and our team can help you with some of the most important decisions facing your launch.

From helping to create a memorable name customers will remember, to designing a logo, tagline and message that stands out against the competition, we apply our expertise to give you a head start.

Whatever industry you are looking to make a mark in we have the graphic design and branding knowledge needed to help your product reach its full potential.

Graphic Design and Branding

Our graphic design and branding team work closely with clients and go through an extensive creative process to produce a logo, name and colour scheme that allows your product to truly stand out.

We work in collaboration with your existing brand strategy to shape a logo that communicates the vision of your brand and the company mission. It’s a fully collaborative process that leaves you in control of the final direction whilst still benefiting from access to our experienced designers.

Choosing the right name, logo and colour scheme to all aspects of your marketing materials will help drive brand awareness, increase engagement and encourage valuable trust and loyalty with your target audience and beyond.

Marketing materials

From building websites and creating promotional videos, to creating packaging design and marketing collateral, our graphic design and branding team can provide a full suite of services.

Everything can be tailored to synchronise perfectly with the manufacture of your product and the release of the product onto the market. To complement the launch we can ensure print materials such as brochures, leaflets, posters, folders, presentations and event banners are all prepared and ready for use.

Naturally you will want to attend events and trade shows to promote your product and it is essential you have a range of materials available to use. We can produce all of this and more to suit the requirements of your timeline and the branding of the product.

Because we have been there since the beginning of your product’s journey, we offer a cost-effective graphic design and branding solution that allows you to remain in budget and have the best chance of meeting and exceeding your commercial targets.



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