Green Carbon

Green Carbon

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. (with a twist)


Our newest project is all about recycling air and reducing your energy bills.

But how? Well…

Green Carbon are on a mission to join together “nature and technology to reverse climate change”. They have created a Carbon Dioxide Air Cleaner machine to help with just that; at the moment, around 30-35% of heated (or cooled) air in buildings escapes when we open windows to refresh the air indoors. The air cleaner will allow for this to happen without the need of emitting more CO2 into the atmosphere.

But how does it work?

The carbon dioxide runs through a liquid within the machine, where it binds with another element to produce a new (natural occurring and unharmful) bi-product.

We had the opportunity to develop and create a prototype of this fantastic piece of equipment, which is currently being trailed at a greenhouse in Canada that use insects instead of pesticides for their crops (which include cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce). Due to the large number of insects in these production cells, much CO2 is produced and the company is burning a lot of energy as much ventilation is needed, yet the cells need to maintain a certain temperature and a certain humidity. Absorbing the CO2 reduces the need to constantly ventilate and therefore re-heat and re-humidify the air inside. 

While this product was created mainly for insect production, it would also make a great solution for workplaces, homes, and anywhere that requires clean air without opening up the window and letting our precious energy fly out. 

Want to find out more? Click here to go to the Green Carbon Homepage