How to develop a product


Production process flowchart

How to develop a product from idea to production in 30 steps

LUMA_flow-03LUMAdesignmeetingNoYesPrice estimation of the product & manufacturingGo to prototype phaseInvestors givego ahead?Raw concept creation(2D/3D/testing)Technical plan of approach:Is this product technically possible?Can we manufacture this product?Create 3D file to check design Is there a market?Market Research:Is this idea already in the market?Which variants are there to this product?What is good and bad about the competing products?Which functionalities are desired?Whos the user target group?Where is our target group? Where are we going to sell?Whats the size of the market? How many people might buy our product?Whos going to sell our product? Who are our vendors going to be? Online or brick and mortar stores?How much is the target group willing to pay for this product? What will be our pricing strategy?What quality expectations does the customer have?Will they buy this product?(Optional) Make Quality Function Deployment model: convert customer demands into technical specifications
LUMA_flow-05Add-on productNew productPOD Program of Demands(inc. results QFD) will form PDS Product Design SpecificationsDevelopment prototypePatent officePrice update?YesNoFMEA report productPrototype technically ready? ready for fieldtest?Prototype field testsamples/prototype testing: Market acceptance of product? Feature according to spec? Other feedback?Get preliminary feedback buyers and users. Will they by this product (can you already forsee quantity demands)Design according to demands ISO, CE, KEMA, TuVDoes product comply with law of the target market location?Does the product fit in a mailbox? Which size fits type X shipment using the cheapest form of shipment?Updateproduct?Sample request and express/mail sendingSample checkInvestors givego ahead?Go to planning phase
LUMA_flow-07Marketing planWhich message do you want toconvey? After product 1 how will thewhole product line (next 5 years) look like?Advertising? Where, how, costs? Fairs/conventions? Online and/ or conventional?Sales planEstimation of sold products / buyers?What plans are there to reach moreclients/ sell more products? What dowe need to change in order for themto buy? (Product/ process/ guarantees etc? )DistributionAre we sending our product by mail? Where/ whos going to distribute our product? Will we use retail?Production Which manufacturing processes do we chose? Which suppliers do we chose? Process FMEAFinance reportFinal unit price, production + tooling costs. Quality label costs i.e. KEMA/ TuV Shipping costs, import tax, BTW/ VAT Costs of distribution, customer care & guarantee Costs of investments for the marketing & sales plans Internal costs evaluationCustomer careWhos going to answer call/ emails. What are the prices per call? How much guarantee do we give?to buy? (Product/process/ guarantees etc?Quality controlWhich test equipment do we need in order to comply with standards? i.e. hipot, insulation resistance, PE continuity. What percentage will we check for faults?Quantity estimationWhat is the total estimated production amount? Mass, big/ small series? To which extent do we need to alter production methods, standard vs custom parts and/or design specs to meet this number?Return on investment? Risk analysis etc.Updateproduct?Investors givego ahead?Go to production phase
LUMA_flow-09Which specs does the product has to comply with in order to be ok-to-sell (Quality Control)Set up contracts with suppliers/ contactsLawyer check(international)contractsOrder toolingRent/ outsourcetesting equipment(if applicable)Productionpackaging &user manualCheck FOT(First of Tool)Quality controlduring productionProduct fieldtestFinal fieldtestwith finished productsQuality controlfinished productsShipping, handling, import tax, customs, insurancesIncoming inspectiondestination portExternal customer care: feedback handling, product faults return handlingUpdateproduct?Release productFinish websites/ marketing tools Design packaging & user manualWrite customer care protocolStart quality assessmentKEMA/TuV