Loesche Coal Mill

coal mill product 


by Matt Passmore

Loesche came to us looking for a 23:1 scale model of their coal mill to help market their product. This project was without doubt the largest 3D printing job we have undertaken, standing half a metre high. The original and very complex CAD data was used to build a model that could be printed in sections. As well as the model being too big to print in one go, having it in separate parts also made the task of painting much easier.

To compliment the 1:23 model, Loesche also requested eleven smaller models that could be gifted to clients with the order of a real coal mill. These eleven were printed whole, requiring more adjustments to be made to the CAD data. Although the painting was more difficult for the small models the final result was excellent and this project further shows another great application for 3D printing.