LUMA’s Top Moments of 2019


LUMA’s Top Moments of 2019

By Alex Fleming, Product Designer at LUMA-iD

December 30th, 2020

Looking back on 2019 it has been one of the best years on record for LUMA! Thank you to all our clients and suppliers for making 2019 another highly successful year for our design studio. This week we have been looking back on some of our highlights for the year and have curated a list of highly successful projects that have gone public.

6. 4GD Case

Military-tech design

How do you control a fully immersive training simulation complete with lights, sounds, smells, smoke machines, pop up targets, video surveillance and more? Firstly, you’ll need almost 100Kg of computer hardware and a giant metal case to put it all in. This unique server rack was designed by LUMA-iD and even features a snazzy illuminated logo.

5. L-Bow

Lighting design

Set to be released in 2020, The L-Bow Rear Bike Lights series 2 is designed encourage motorists to pass cyclists at a safer distance, 1.5 metres is considered the minimum distance. The eye-catching L-Bow Rear Bike Light helps drivers to see you sooner and judge where you and your bike space begins.

4. Remember Ringbox

Consumer Product design

The Remember Ringbox was designed to capture one of the most beautiful moments in your life without losing intimacy. Your memory might be a bit blurry, but now you can preserve your memory and relive the moment. 2020 see’s Remember Ringbox move into its second iteration, so look out for more to come from this project!

3. Guinness Lie Detector


Hope and Glory PR tasked LUMA-iD with designing and manufacturing a functioning polygraph testing device, stylized for their client, Guinness. LUMA-iD managed to turn Hope and Glory PR’s idea from a concept to six manufactured prototypes in ten days. The product was central to Guinness’s PR campaign which took place during the Rugby World Cup 2019, which featured in Evening Standard.

2. Xylem Qpod

Transport design

This year LUMA helped water quality company Xylem redesign their Qpod autonomous watercraft in order to move production from silicone casting to injection moulding. The change reduced the manufacturing cost of the vehicle by approximately 30% and eliminated any post processing work.

1. Catch

Medical Product design

LUMA-iD Senior Product Designer, Hans Ramzan, created a pocket-sized device that enables individuals to test themselves for HIV from the comfort of their own home. The self-testing mechanism was designed to be low cost and easy to use in order to encourage people in developing countries with limited access to healthcare to check themselves at home.

Our year in numbers:

8 patented products
52 happy clients
420 3D prints
2088.5 coffees drank – some were for clients!