Mechanical design

Mechanical design plays an essential role in shaping the user’s experience once the final product has been completed. While some steps away from being the finished article, it plays a crucial role in saving time and money for our clients. As one of the leading providers of mechanical design in London, we offer a variety processes tailor-made to meet the requirements of your product. From 3D drawings to injection mould analysis, our team of engineers check every last detail to define form and features before progressing to the manufacturing stage.


Head design

Clients searching for high quality mechanical design in London start the process giving us an in-depth brief of the project. Once the parameters have been set out and agreed, we can start to present initial ideas through the use of sketches and moodboards to piece together the early stages of the design.


CAD design

To bring a more interactive element to the design, we then turn to CAD software to replicate the exact dimensions, features and surface finishes within a digital model. This early representation of the product adds a certain amount of texture to aid the development of the next stage. This enables us to turn these CAD designs into working drawings or rendered images.


CAD render

Companies who have contacted us in search of 3D drawings in London will see their concepts progress from paper into digital, finally evolving into 3D form. Compared to traditional photography our rendering service is a fast and cost-effective solution for product pack shots, presentations or crowdfunding. As each stage of the product evolves we can produce high quality 3D marketing images that enables you to demonstrate the product to a wider audience before reaching the prototype stage.


FEA finite element product analysis london

This service takes place within a virtual environment and is a process we have previously used for LED design clients. It enables us to maximise the strength of each product component, ensuring it can withstand the stress it will receive once transformed into the finished product. This provides a fail-safe way of optimising the client’s budget by reducing the chances of failure before the manufacturing process can begin. When designing a product you always learn the most through learned failure, and this enables us to do so in a safe and cost-effective environment.


head 2d drawing

Your search for 3D drawings in London may also bring you to our 2D drafting and drawing service that is tailored towards the creation and editing of technical drawings and design annotation. Instead of solely relying on traditional drawing tools, our tean can also integrate 2D drafting within CAD software with greater precision and within a much shorter timeframe.


To ensure the plastic injection mould meets the flawless requirements of your project, our analysis process plays a pivotal role. The LUMA-ID team can analyse your mould design to identify issues and causes, before presenting potential solutions to resolve the problem. We can apply in-depth knowledge in this area, producing accurate and reliable results based on accurate and reliable data



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