NEW DESIGNERS 2023 Trend Review

NEW DESIGNERS 2023 - Trends Review

The New Designers Show showcased an array of innovative products, many of which caught the eye with their unique approach to medical-related items. What set these products apart was their departure from the stereotypical all-white or grey color palette typically associated with the medical field. Instead, designers opted for much brighter and vibrant color schemes, making these medical products more user-friendly and appealing for use at home without professional supervision.

One notable trend among these medical devices was their focus on enhancing at-home and self-treatment options. This shift represents a departure from the traditional model of having to visit a general practitioner for every treatment or diagnosis. By empowering individuals to take charge of their own well-being, these products promote greater independence and convenience.

Another prominent theme that emerged from the show was a commitment to environmental sustainability. Notable examples include the Tundra water bottle and the Guinness, both of which demonstrated a clear dedication to contributing to a better environment. This emphasis on eco-consciousness reflects a growing awareness and concern for the planet among designers and consumers alike.

While minimalistic, neutral color schemes have been trending in the design world, the Family of lighting products presented at the show broke away from this aesthetic. Instead, they embraced a trendy, unique look that exuded a collectible aesthetic, particularly appealing to millennials. By deviating from the current norm, these products captured attention and offered a fresh take on lighting design.

A striking characteristic shared by most, if not all, of the products showcased at the New Designers Show was their organic aesthetic and finish. With smooth contours and few sharp corners, these designs exuded a sense of natural beauty and approachability. The incorporation of bright colors into the organic look further enhanced their visual appeal, striking a balance between an organic feel and a welcoming presence.

Interestingly, a common trend observed among the products was the combination of bright colors with neutral tones. This deliberate color scheme allowed these designs to stand out without being overly intimidating. The juxtaposition of vibrant hues against a neutral backdrop created a visually compelling contrast, drawing attention while maintaining an overall sense of approachability.

In conclusion, the New Designers Show unveiled a captivating range of products that defied conventional expectations. With their departure from the traditional medical color palette, emphasis on at-home and self-treatment, dedication to environmental sustainability, and striking aesthetics, these designs showcased the evolving trends in CMF and highlighted the industry’s commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions. By blending creativity, functionality, and visual appeal, the showcased products demonstrated the transformative power of design in improving our everyday lives.

New designers trends bullet points

  • A lot of the projects that stood out are medical related products make.
  • However they break away from the stereotypical all white/grey colors pallet that is often used in the medical field to a large extent
  • The much brighter color palette used for medical products makes using these products at home and without professional supervision a lot more user friendly
  • The majority of these medical devices aim to enhance at home and self treatment, that again breaks away from the traditional having to go to your GP for a treatment or diagnosis
  • There seems to be a clear focus and dedication to contributing to a better environment; Tundra water bottle and Guinness
  • The Family of lighting products break away from the very minimalistic, neutral color look that is currently trending however, its trendy unique and gives of a collectible aesthetic which is also in high demand especially within millennials
  • Most of if not all the products have a very organic looking aesthetic and finish, not many sharp corners however they do use bright colors which makes it less organic but more approachable
  • There seems to be a trend with the color scheme of combining bright color with a neutral color making it stand out without being intimidating.