Organic Modelling


Creating organic complex shapes in 3D CAD

Our organic modelling service creates organic complex shapes in 3D CAD. It is typically used in projects based on living entities such as humans, animals or plants.

Compared to hard surface modelling for inanimate objects such as buildings and products, the recreation of these models demand particular levels of detail. This is due to the nuances of texture and movement that are inherently associated with organic beings.

It is also important to remember that organic objects are not perfect and it is quite often their imperfections that make them feel real. This is an aspect of organic modelling we make every effort to include in the process, ensuring the finished article reflects the real life object down to the smallest of details and imperfections.

Organic Modelling Service

Our organic modelling service is often used as part of the research and development stage, either in tandem with your own in-house design team, or as part of a project we are managing from start to finish for our clients.

Thanks to many years of experience available within our engineering team we are able to take on even the most challenging of modelling projects. Our in-house capabilities include use of software such as ZBrush, the industry standard for digital sculpting. It allows us to produce highly detailed models thanks to the millions of polygons available within the programme, and we customise the digital clay to the exact requirements of the object’s shape and texture.

The use of this technology enables us to accelerate design times, while also improving accuracy. Building organic complex shapes in 3D CAD is supported by an array of tools that facilitate the creation and analysing of inserts and sliders, cores and cavities and complex geometries, all based on a 3D model. This includes access to tools such as draft analysis and correction, no-fail shelling, thickness scanning, core extraction and mould cavity functions.

Organic Modelling 3D Printing

The service works in conjunction with our 3D printing capabilities. Once the model has been completed to meet requirements, we are then able to apply it to any number of our 3D printing tools, which includes SLS, SLA, FMA and Polyjet printing. Which one is utilised will depend on the level of detail required in the initial prototype, something we will discuss at length before proceeding onto the next stage of the project.

organic 3d modelling london
organic 3D modelling london

Example of a simplistic, easier to make object (left) versus a lifelike organic 3D model using polymesh technology (right).



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