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Product Design – Perseverance is key

Product Design – Perseverance is key

As you can imagine, we have worked on a lot of client projects over the 10 years we have been trading at LUMA. We are very lucky to work with a wide range of clients, our personal favourite is always a project sparked out of a new idea.

It’s taken six years but Digi pens are really proud to announce they have been granted a full patent for their fantastic project, yes, sometimes it can take that long!

A bit more about the project from the founder Richard Peel;

“What started out as a bit of fun, an idea I came up with when my daughter asked me how to spell something and I traced it out on the table using my finger! We laughed and said wouldn’t it be cool to be able to actually draw with your finger! Within 10 minutes I’d made the first Digi pen prototype out of bluetac and a cut down biro cartridge.

Initially they were really just designed as fun pens for children to make writing and drawing more entertaining. Later we realised that they actually solved a lot of problems for people with gripping issues and hand disabilities, which was amazing. Our clientele ranges from young children who just want them for fun, to 90+ year olds that need them as can’t hold standard pens anymore. Digi pens are now sold all over Europe and used by all ages, including helping those that may struggle to use a normal pen.

From a silly idea to bluetac prototype to helping people be able to enjoy writing again, is pretty cool and one of the things I most proud of. Before Digi Pens I’d never spoken to anyone in 3D Design, moulding, packaging, or even in the stationary industry. Just shows what you can do with a bit of focus and determination. Thanks go to Mark Little and the LUMA team who assisted with the product development.”

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