Scaffold Coupler

Problem Millions of scaffolding couplers are used across the world, but the protruding bolts inherent […]

Beemmunity the WildHive

LUMA recently worked with Beemmunity, =to create these beautiful WildHives that rewild pollinator ecosystems. They […]

L-Bow 2.0 Bike Light

Give traffic the L-Bow The L-bow mk2 rear safety light encourages vehicles to pass you […]

hero image

Freefly VR

Proteus VR Labs is proud to announce Freefly FF3 – a hybrid AR and virtual […]


Bass Clarinet

Traditionally bass clarinets are approximately 1.4m long, with holes along most of their length. In […]

2ic raspberry pi case design 

Dual Raspberry Pi Case

LUMA were asked to design and produce a prototype case to hold 2 Raspberry Pi’s […]

Milk Warmer

The Philips Avent Travel baby gives your baby almost instantly warm milk. The product is […]

ring box design 

Remember Ring Box

The Remember Ring Box is a unique way of recording your loved one’s reaction whilst […]