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BRZ Spoiler Riser Kit

When there were no options available to purchase over the counter, this USA based client came to us with a simple goal. Increase the height of the spoiler on his new Subaru. The stock location of the spoiler is very close to the boot of the car resulting in a stunted look, which for this car enthusiast simply wasn’t correct. LUMA used their surface modelling capabilities to match the new riser to the surface scan data of the stock riser, ensuring a perfect fit to the car. The result was a 3D printed riser kit, which attaches directly to the stock fittings and doubles the height of the spoiler.

Extra features were also added, including a wire-lock location, which prevents the spoiler flinging itself down the road (or track) if the driver is unfortunate enough to crash.

Glass-filled nylon 3D printed core
Vacuum cast aesthetic cover colour matched to the customer’s car
Double the height of the stock spoiler kit
Wire-lock for increased safety
See more incredible pictures of this project here: https://www.instagram.com/drambeenie/