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Freefly VR

Proteus VR Labs is proud to announce Freefly FF3 – a hybrid AR and virtual reality headset ready to provide the ultimate window to all variations of immersive technology in a single device.

Having enjoyed great success with the award-winning Freefly VR and Freefly VR Beyond, Proteus VR Labs have spent over a year developing an entirely new breed of headset that delivers wide field of view mixed reality experiences powered by smartphones. Mixed reality is expected to transform the way people access digital content. It is a more immersive version of augmented reality that, rather being consumed looking at a phone, the virtual objects are stereoscopic when seen through dual views, putting the virtual objects ‘in the world’ of the viewer.

Freefly VR Features –

  • AR Lens
    Repositionable AR lens for any smart phone camera.
    Fully adjustable or removable.
    Wide-angle lens designed for room scale AR (a regular smartphone camera would be unsuitable).
  • Flexible Fascia
    Adjusts automatically for various face shapes and sizes.
    Allows extra ventilation.
  • Expansion Module
    An interchangeable module for new technologies, including: LED tracking, optical tracking, NFC game cards and is continually upgradable.
  • Ambilight FOV
    Increases perceived FOV by wrapping the image around your peripheral vision.
    Removable for a safer full AR mode.