bike safety light product design 

L-Bow Bike Light

The L-bow rear safety light encourages vehicles to pass you at a safer distance. It is designed to be mounted to the seat post of any standard bicycle and L-bow are considering implementing 3D printed variations for the more exotic ‘aero’ seat posts. Full product design project LUMA-iD sourced and implemented the entire production process Packaging artwork and design by LUMA-iD Branding and website design by LUMA-iD.

Two-piece ultrasonically welded arm.
Sporty but understated design language was used to blend the product into the wide variation of bikes types on the market.
Adjustable to all countries. The patent-pending ball joint allows you to align the L-Bow to 3 main positions : right for left-hand traffic, left for right-hand traffic, and upright for tight traffic, while any unwanted knocks will be handled with a sturdy recoil.
ABS plastic used for the arms and main light housing, with glass filled nylon locking arm and seat post connector and a poly-carbonate lens with TPE rubber button over-mould.
LUMA-iD optimised the LED output to provide the maximum battery duration.
IP 65 rated electronic housing utilising a rubber seal and lockable USB charging port cover.
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