Squashball Warmer

We have designed and developed a fully working Squash Ball Warmer prototype – an idea that was initiated by our own experiences as squash players. The situation of the player having cold muscles and trying to hit the ball hard enough against the court wall to heat it up has been a frustration. We are at the stage of looking for a partner to work with to fund taking the design to production. We also have designed a feature which we believe an inventive step and could be patented. Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating.

The LUMA squash ball warmer enables users to start playing squash straight away by pre-heating the squash ball to playing temperature. This eliminates the need for players to warm the ball manually, potentially reducing the chance of injuries resulting from the high powered shots required to warm the ball.

Heats a single squash ball to playing temperature in under two minutes
High capacity rechargeable batteries
Heating elements safely located within the product
Small form factor can easily be transported to different courts

Why a Squash Ball Warmer?

Reduce injuries: Protect yourself against injuries caused by exercising with a cold and unresponsive ball
Save time: Start right away and save yourself time on expensive court rent
Beginners: Learn the game and progress faster from the start with an accurate bouncing ball
Professionals: Cracked a ball during tournament? Continue straight away without wasting time
This is the first fully functional squash ball warmer in the market
Also the squash industry has very few gadgets or presents which you can buy for a squash player
Development of the warmer has taken one and a half years of testing and various models to find the optimum solution. We now have a fully functional and aesthetically appealing product fit for the needs of the squash player.