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Quickfire Engineering: 3-Week Bulletproof Nothing Phone Case

Quickfire Engineering: 3-Week Bulletproof Nothing Phone Case

At LUMA-iD, we thrive on innovation, speed, and collaboration. Our latest project – designing a bulletproof case for the new Nothing CMF Phone 1 – tested these attributes like never before (AND from design to shoot in under 3 weeks). Partnering with the Nothing team was an exhilarating experience, culminating in the ultimate test: a live bullet demonstration by the renowned YouTuber, Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything. Watch the full story below; 

The Design Process

Our journey began with four internal 3D printed ideations. These prototypes allowed us to refine the design by test fitting the phone within some ballistic foam we had quickly lasercut to try a few different variations of how the structure of the case could work by mimicking steel sheets that formed the protective cladding. Rapid iteration was crucial, and our in-house 3D printing capabilities were instrumental in achieving this. 

Local Collaboration

We believe in the power of local collaboration, and this project was no exception. We worked with amazing local UK suppliers who provided top-notch materials and components such as the ballistic EVA (which are used in military helmets) from Laser-Web, the super strong nylon chassis printed by 3DPRINTUK and the laser cut 3mm mild steel S275 panels which were cut and welded by Kaler Engineering. Their expertise and prompt delivery were vital in meeting our tight deadline.

The Challenge

The Nothing Phone team was a joy to work with, making this intense project a dream come true. However, the time pressure was real: we had just 3 weeks to deliver four complete cases that not only fit the phone perfectly but also withstood the ultimate test – a bullet shot. After researching bullet speeds and impacts, we found out the problems are both the damage caused by the piecing of the bullet itself but also the massive shockwave it creates on impact. We were concerned that even if we could stop the bullet piercing the case, the shockwave would shatter the phones internal components. So we came up with a “floating design” that separated the strong 3mm steel welded cladding that would absorb the initial hit, and then a 6mm thick basically EVA “wrapper” that the phone sat in. 

The Engineering MarvelOur final design is a multi-layered assembly, we stop the impact of the bullet with the welded steel panels, we utilised a triangular form to provide the overall rigidity and to create an air gap to slow the bullet down and provide enough clearance it would not hit the phone.  The case utilizes a soft protective ballistic EVA foam that wraps around the phone, absorbing the shock of a bullet impact, which is travelling at over 600 mph. The foam structure essentially floats the phone in place and this was key for the phone not to get completely destroyed as the bullet impacted the case. This was held in place with a 3dprinted chassis that connected the two together, the theory being that the energy from the bullet would substantially reduce by the time it reached the phone.

The Ultimate Test

The culmination of our efforts was put to the test by Jerryrig Everything. Watching our case stand up to a bullet shot was a moment of immense pride for our team. It showcased not only the robustness of our design but also the dedication and expertise that went into creating it.


This project was a whirlwind of creativity, engineering, and collaboration. The support from the Nothing team and our local suppliers, combined with the expertise of our own designers, made this an unforgettable experience. We’re thrilled to have delivered a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations, proving that with the right team and mindset, even the most daunting challenges can be overcome. We are ready to design and made version 2!

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