Rewind: The Power Fist

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Rewind: The Power Fist

By Mark Little, Director at LUMA-iD

October 21st, 2019

LUMA-iD were approached by PR and Marketing consultancy REWIND to help create an epic prop for the video game, ‘Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III’ by SEGA and Relic Entertainment.

The Power Fist is worn by the Space Marines in the future fantasy world and gives the wearer superhuman punching power.

We were tasked with creating the 3D CAD models as well as the prototyping logistics and managed a rapid week and a half turnaround, from receiving the internal components to sending all the files to the manufacturers.

The parts, which together weigh 9.6kg, were then shipped to Rewind for assembly, painting and additional testing.

The challenge was to ensure that while smashing up various objects the wearer themselves weren’t hurt. They would be fitted with a harness with an iso-elastic kinematic camera stabilising platform incorporated into it.

This harness would also hold two air canisters used to power parts from the industrial pneumatic cylinder, which delivers up to 3000 PSI to the Power Fist in addition to the user’s strength.

The press day at Holborn Studios was a resounding success and thankfully no one got hurt. As SEGA head of PR Peter Oliver, says, “The press who tried it out came away with massive smiles on their faces saying how awesome it was to be able to punch through walls and toilets. The coverage was fantastic and that is really what we were looking for.”