We’ve recently realised that we’ve spent a lot of time talking about all the great projects we’ve had an opportunity to get involved in, but we haven’t really spoken about us as a company and what we can actually offer. Fear not, that’s what we’re aiming to do in this post. There are a number of topics to include here so bare with us. But why should we be your top choice? Well…

When we officially set up shop in 2012, we already designed a number of prototypes for a variety of clients. These varied from small to large and were spread across different industries and sectors, including MedTech, Construction and Consumer. This helped us develop transferrable skills to apply across all sectors we work with, or may work with in the future. We have, to date, been involved in roughly 2000 projects; we’ve learnt a lot from them all, making our production experience more vast than some of our competitors. 

We are a dynamic team based in the UK and the Netherlands, with a wide range of expertise in the production world. Being a team built on newest tools and latest technology allows us to collaborate and work more efficiently no matter where we are. 

We do pride ourselves on rapid turnarounds for solutions. By collaborating with other teams and scaling the team correctly, we are able to work on various client requirements at the same time, all while also adapting to on-site or remote work to provide our clients with the best experience. This is something we believe is very unique in our industry. 

We are predominantly based in South East London, with a second studio in Margate. Having a great location is vital for us, as it gives our clients a peace of mind when visiting our studios. We are based close to the Thames Barrier, with a number of Overground and Underground service links to choose from. We also have a presence in The Hague, Netherlands which is a massive advantage to work with EU-based clients. 

Partner & Supplier Network
Our partner and supplier networks are quite extensive; we have a number of connections within the prototyping world including the likes of 3DPRINTUK, Lasercut.London, Fractory, as well as working with ProtoLabs, and RP Technologies for the manufacturing side of our business. We have experienced the Far East network of suppliers who have produce product and other parts that we have required for various projects. We have a number of fantastic partners who assist us with some of the backend work, including IP Lawyers and Trademark Law specialists. We do also work with product photographers, web designers and graphic design, specifically helping us develop the best brand guidelines for our clients.

Similar to agility, communication is something we take a lot of pride in. In the product design world, communication is key to ensure our clients receive the best version of the product, while also allowing us to understand their needs better. Whether it’s an email, Skype, Teams or Slack, we keep everyone in the loop with the progress, including a weekly or bi-weekly catch ups to ensure our clients get the best possible experience from working with us. So that’s us in a nutshell! Think we could help you with your next project? Get in touch with us to arrange a quick call.